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6 tips for renters: how to get on the first rung of the property ladder

6 tips on how to save for a mortgage deposit Anyone trying to get on the property ladder faces a mountain of paperwork, rising house prices, the need to sort out their credit score as well as deep pockets to stump up a mortgage deposit.

More people than ever before are renting property since getting on the property ladder is difficult and expensive, especially in cities. Whether you’re renting your first ever home or whether you are simply relocating to a different property, making sure that you get the right insurance to suit your needs is essential.

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I’m at the age where literally everyone seems to be on the property ladder or trying to get on the property ladder. Whether it’s the first rung or the third rung, most people I know are chomping at the bit to get on and up the elusive ladder, while I am staring wistfully at it from a distance.

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Initiatives are launched left, right and centre to help first-time buyers, families climbing the property ladder and pensioners struggling to keep their homes, but rarely do renters get a look in.

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Buying a house was a little more expensive than renting. But, self certificating was the only option to borrow enough capital. Do bear in mind, if you borrow a high income multiple (5 or 6 times income) you will struggle if interest rates rise significantly. Getting on the property ladder is not easy for our generation.

But get a good savvy finance broker to find the best loan and get pre-approved. This is a faster way to get on the first rung. 3. USE EQUITY WITH PARENTS OR FRIENDS Do a joint venture with a trusted friend to get into a property. Make sure the joint venture agreement is drafted by a solicitor and is clear cut.

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Renting means you’ve not yet stepped on to the first rung of the property ladder, as your rent money hasn’t been invested in your own property. Why not help make up your mind by a looking at the very best properties to buy and rent on s1homes?