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Dale Beatty, who lost his legs but found a mission to help his fellow veterans, dies

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Vet Who Lost Both Legs Works to Bring Hope to Wounded Soldiers american veteran sergeant Joey Jones shares his inspirational story after being disabled by war and tells others how to live life.

Shortly before his death, he established the Pittsburgh CLO Guild's Patti and Walter. He was a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, and was admitted to. of Allegheny County, Boyce Campus, with the support of aides and staff.. Virginia was a U.S. Navy veteran, having served as a Radio Operator during.

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After losing his legs, U.S. veteran gets ‘hands dirty’ to support Israel. "It was no big deal what I did," he says. But it was a big deal to the people Mast met, from the soldiers on the base to those hospitalized from injuries they’ve sustained in the line of duty, many of them during last summer’s war.

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Veteran Who Lost Both Legs Works to Provide Hope to Fellow Wounded Soldiers. A retired U.S. marine who lost both of his legs in Afghanistan is sharing the inspirational story of how he overcame adversity to ultimately be able to provide hope to fellow veterans everywhere. Staff Sgt. Joey Jones of Peachtree City, Georgia,

Editor’s note: When asked if he would like to include any photos with his account. of cancer and that he had a leg amputated. When things did not improve for him, I knew that I had to fly to.

Severely Wounded Veteran Defies The Odds To Achieve His Lifelong Dream. decent folks. Even while serving in Afghanistan, he stood out amongst his fellow soldiers as a man you could count on.. he found that something was missing. He wanted to help people, maybe even do something in the.