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Feds target arbitration clauses in banks’ fine print

Federal regulator moves to mostly ban arbitration clauses FILE – In this Oct. 7, 2015, file photo, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director richard cordray listens to a speaker during a.

The impact of arbitration clauses on consumers. While card users focus on miles or points – or just making their minimum payment – they overlook important terms in the fine print. By blocking customers’ legal rights with an arbitration clause, banks can insulate themselves from court actions that might challenge their fees, debt.

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Most consumers don’t understand the arbitration clause, or even know it is buried in the fine print of their contract, he said. A minuscule number of customers take advantage of it. "They don’t make it easy to opt out," he said.

Today’s notice of proposed rulemaking is the next step in the bureau’s process on arbitration. Once the proposal is published in the Federal Register, a 90-day public comment period begins.

The fine print: 10 secrets your bank keeps. For example, nearly all cards have a default rate – as high as 30 percent – which banks apply when you’ve done something wrong, usually after two late payments in 12 months. But some banks have cut that to one, says Curtis Arnold, founder of

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Cordray said mandatory arbitration clauses are a way for banks and other financial companies to "sidestep the legal system.". clauses are found in the fine print of tens of millions of.

 · The rule approved by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a watchdog agency, would block mandatory arbitration clauses, allowing more people to.

NEW YORK (AP) — Consumers could band together to sue their banks or credit card companies under a federal rule issued Monday that’s likely to face resistance from Congressional Republicans and.

Federal agencies are looking to limit rip-off clauses in fine print that deny access to justice.. due to the Federal Arbitration Act, a 1925 law designed to help businesses resolve their.

That’s of great benefit to businesses, as a massive three-part series called "Beware the Fine Print" published. open a bank account, or even hint at making a transaction online without signing a.