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Fidelity is teaching employees compassion with virtual reality

Fidelity is teaching employees compassion with virtual reality. By Max Diamond March 07, 2018. DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA – Phone associates at Fidelity Investments no longer just sit in a classroom and listen to an instructor for training, instead they put on a virtual reality headset and enter a client’s home. The investment firm, which has.

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By using virtual reality, the company hopes to make it easier for employees to empathize with customers, Adam Schouela, vice president at Fidelity Labs, said in an interview. While virtual reality has been used for decades for training programs in other sectors, Fidelity said it is the first company in financial services to use the technology.

Learning, Visually. The training is a choose-your-own-adventure experience, bringing the trainee into a virtual call center to help understand the impact of listening and helping the Fidelity customer through real-life scenarios. Throughout the training, the Fidelity employee is "transported" between the call center and the customer’s living room.

When people think of virtual reality or augmented reality, many think of video games. Some of the most popular uses of these technologies are, in fact, video games. But there is another world of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality that is growing. 9 Applications in the Financial Industry

IMPLEMENTING VIRTUAL REALITY TO TRANSFORM EMPLOYEE training. introduction. organizations as varied as Walmart, BMW, Chipotle, Tyson, Nationwide, the NFL, and Fidelity are transforming their employee training today with Virtual Reality-and driving measurable performance results.

Google has also begun sending Cardboard kits to schools with a special version of the app that lets a teacher. the CEO of High Fidelity, a company that has raised $16 million to develop ways for.

Fidelity Using STRIVR to Train Employees Using google daydream.. virtual reality (VR) training company STRIVR is already well known for its immersive teaching systems which are used by the NFL.

The company’s innovation unit Fidelity Labs said in a blog post on Friday that it had developed and tested a virtual reality prototype to train employees on how to handle incoming customer calls.

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