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Kansas City’s political Hall of Shame: Public corruption goes way past Mike Sanders

Here is KC’s Political Hall of Shame.. Via Kansas City Star: Former Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders’ prison sentence is a reminder of Kansas City’s long history of political corruption dating back to the days of Tom Pendergast.

Harrell, whose advocacy for the return of the NBA dates to his no vote in 2008 against the million settlement the city accepted that let the Sonics flee to Oklahoma City, and continued with a yes vote Tuesday, admitted to yet another political disappointment and was "walking it off."

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"A permanent suspicion of immigrants, no matter how long they have lived in Germany, is not only harmful for the individuals involved but it is a cause of shame for our country," said President Steinmeier – who serves as a largely symbolic head of state, while Chancellor Angela Merkel is head of government.

Theres so much corruption in Kansas City, And it has it’s roots in City Hall. 1/5/11, 5:06 PM. and The Funk wins his second term, Mike Sanders will have to beg to kiss the mayor’s ass every time he wants to enter the city.. The city is not capable of investigating itself. Public corruption at the municipal level is best investigated by a.

Calvin Williford, former top aide to Mike Sanders, is seen leaving the federal courthouse in kansas city earlier this year after pleading guilty to a corruption charge stemming from alleged misuse.

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Here are the two most likely reasons why the Public Corruption Unit investigated Trump pal Jeffrey Epstein. Former federal prosecutor Mimi Rocah has an idea what might be behind the "political.

When things go badly, human nature searches. resulting in a public outcry for change so big and so loud that someone in a position of power will see a tangible political benefit to accelerating the.

Political/SocioEconomic Obamagate Scandal Poised to Explode All Over the Obama DOJ and FBI #ReleaseTheMemo The impact of illegal aliens on crime rates LA County Admits Number Of Registered Voters At 144% Of Resident Citizens Of Voting Age sen. dick durbin Has a Long History of Lies & Subterfuge For Politics President Nobama