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Low pay, high stress, second jobs. Could you afford to be a teacher in SC?

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“When you are so far away from the work economy, whether because of low literacy, lone parenthood, disability or because no one has encouraged you to believe you can have a good job or a. is a lot.

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Well I’ll tell you this: you have to really want to be a teacher to stay a teacher. It’s a difficult job with many hours, high stress, and low pay. There are times I question why I work my ass off every day, but there are even more moments that remind me why I work my ass off. Now, I am a single guy in my 3rd year of teaching and I’m living.

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"We have a low-income customer base, around $16,000, but we see households of up to $60,000, and we see more volatility in hours; people working two jobs and. 23 kids per teacher. I need six for 23.

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Teacher pay in South Carolina has fallen behind regional and national averages, and that’s contributing to a teacher shortage.. High stress and low pay.. Tutoring and driving for Uber are.

Constant student testing and abysmally low pay are preventing. Educators to SC lawmakers: Raise teacher pay, reduce student testing. but when teachers are working second jobs," it’s a.

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Five Low-Paying, High-Stress Jobs. Certainly there are higher-stress jobs out there, but if the pay is good, workers seem willing to bear the anxiety. Likewise, for the totally stress-averse, there are plenty of jobs that won’t ruffle feathers, but also likely won’t pay well. Unfortunately, as with chemical-dependency counselors or parole officers,

edit: I was wondering if it’s common for teachers to do work to supplement their incomes during summer months. I want to be a teacher myself and I don’t remember most of my middle school/high school teachers ever having a second job, and if they did, I think it was summer school, not something "un-education related."