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Miami-Dade’s tale of two cities: 30 billionaires and the economic inequality of Colombia

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The only comment I would add to this tale of two cities is that it would not be surprising if some of these high-flying technology workers might also plan to vote for Bernie Sanders. They probably don’t feel happy about living in a city where their wealth has driven up the cost of housing to the point that homelessness is an epidemic.

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The politics of class conciliation in Lula’s two presidential terms, aided by a favorable economic situation. Yet it did nothing to change Brazil’s extreme social inequality and failed to promote.

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Miami-Dade’s tale of two cities: 30 billionaires and the economic inequality of Colombia | Miami herald. 30 billionaires and the economic inequality of Colombia. Miami is really a tale of.

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Economic InequalityWatch Many experts believe economic inequality is at emergency levels, with data, research and the press doing their job to bring awareness of this critical mass issue. These are just a few organizations on the front lines of informing the public on rising economic disparities in the U.S. and around the world.