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Personal Finance Classes Should Absolutely Be Required for Students

Should College Students Be Required to Take a Course in Personal Finance? Supporters of the idea say financial literacy is crucial in today’s world. Opponents say courses miss the real issues.

The financial advisor also helps the client meet specific goals such as funding the children’s college education or buying a vacation home. Consequently, the advisor must be akin to an all purpose.

I absolutely believe high schoolers should be required to take personal finance classes. A personal finance class would be extremely beneficial. There are many students in my school that don’t have someone to teach them personal finance. Either both their parents are dead, drug addicts, drunks, etc..

Financial goals should be realistic, be specific, have a timeframe, and imply an action to be taken. This lesson will encourage students to take the time and effort to develop their own personal financial goals and budget.

It is not clear whether including a personal finance class as part of Pepperdine’s general education curriculum would be beneficial for all. The topic is stirring up controversy among both teachers and students alike. Teachers weigh in. Scott Miller, an assistant professor of finance, is a proponent of adding personal finance as a required course.

According to the Council for Economic Education’s annual Survey of the States, 17 states in the US now require that students at public high schools take a personal finance class before they.

Then she would teach classes. Her students loved her, but their parents would call. A man in an extravagant hat just slipped through an iron gate, so I’m sensing the latter. Personal-finance gurus.

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The classes wouldn’t need to be that in-depth either (unless you get students who want to take something like AP-Personal Finance or something). Just cover the basics of budgeting, saving, planning, credit cards, etc. and most people would learn more in a semester of high school than in 10 years of adult life.

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Personal finance education should start early at both home and school. Ideally, personal finance concepts should be taught in elementary, middle and high school, and should continue into college. In mathematics, you start with counting, move on to addition and subtraction, and then move on to division and multiplication.