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Weaker companies are piling on the debt, and that could be trouble if things get worse

If direct cremations get even more popular, those numbers look even worse. allow the company to legally siphon off what its customers had paid in advance. StoneMor is a classic short. It has weak.

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Low-rated companies are the biggest accumulators of debt, prompting a major credit agency to warn of significant troubles ahead if current conditions. flipboard: weaker companies are piling on the debt, and that could be trouble if things get worse

And it could because, as National Foundation for credit counseling spokeswoman gail cunningham says, "the dark cloud of debt follows you around 24/7." In some cases, a little financial belt-tightening or a few accelerated credit card payments are enough to get that cloud to dissipate.

10 Big Brands in Big Trouble. It happens. 10 big brands in Big Trouble 1. American Airlines While United, Delta, and other major carriers have declared bankruptcy and emerged stronger as a result, American has managed to negotiate major union concessions and stay afloat, but not without a mountain of debt and pension obligations.

Can a Company Have Too Much Cash? FACEBOOK. but investors know the dangers of debt. When things don’t go as planned, debt can spell trouble.. If a company can get a 20% return on equity.

Growth in house prices will slow to crawl next year, says Rightmove RE/MAX noted that national housing trends show year-over-year sales down by 11.6 percent, although the median sales price was up 5.6 percent. The New York Times reported in September that the housing market was slowing across the U.S. as prices were outpacing growth in wages and mortgage rates rose.

 · Greece’s government last week missed a critical debt payment to the International Monetary Fund, and its banks have been forced to close. And on Sunday, Greeks voted, by a surprisingly large margin, to reject the European austerity demands that would have meant more financial relief for Greece.

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Today, many investors understandably consider record high global debt levels the biggest risk of a repeat of 2008-2009. US Corporate debt is now at record highs, causing some to worry this could..

The reason is too much debt taken on in good times. Get wary of sectors that are piling. can make things much worse. Keep a close tab on this front. NBFCs are the most recent example. As the real.

Today these companies exist only in people’s memories. Changing consumer tastes, evolving technology, corporate complacency, and bad business decisions ended these iconic brands. The collapse of companies may seem abrupt. But plummeting revenue and leadership change can predict a company’s deaths.