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More gloom for the housing market as building approvals slump further

Housing Experts Want More Building, Less Regulation To Solve The Affordable Housing Crisis. according to a 2018 Harvard study on the state of the U.S. housing market. The national median rent.

Central bank gloom. Building approvals are so volatile a dartboard may be handy to pick this one, but after November’s 13 per cent fall, things shouldn’t get too much worse. Manufacturing is the.

 · U.S. Housing Market Stuck in a Rut Despite Lower Mortgage Rates; The report from the Commerce Department on Wednesday also showed housing completions at a six-month low and a modest increase in the number of homes under construction, indications that an inventory squeeze that has haunted the market could persist for a while.

Australian retail trade rose 0.1% in June, compared to market expectations of 0.3% – further underlining the weak domestic economy. Adding to that story of gloom, private sector building approvals.

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percent. With declining residential building, construc-tion employment fell for the rst year since the expansion began, by 1.1 percent. Recent trends in two alternative sources of informa-tion on the Massachusetts housing market give differ-ent signals for developments in the housing market near

GOP tax bill hits college, pro sports  · The GOP tax bill: A look at the winners and losers. If the bill is signed before the end of the year, taxpayers would likely feel the impact in a few weeks, most likely by February. Under its lowered tax brackets, employers will take out less money from their workers’ paychecks, which will.

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Within-day wholesale gas prices soared 74% to 200p per therm this morning after the formal deficit warning, which acts as a call to suppliers to bring forward more gas. that the housing market is.

About a dozen companies are already on their way to listing on the market, including Inox Wind, a power generator, and Lavasa, a unit of Hindustan Construction, which is building. real estate,

The Canberra suburbs of Crace, Bonner and Casey have recorded the fastest growing populations in the country and some of the highest value building approvals, a 2014 Housing. market was behind the.

By autumn 2007, their annual change was -30% – and they’re still plummeting. But although housing starts have been in freefall, housing completions are still at record levels, so a huge number of new-build properties are coming on to the market just as demand has gone cold – actually, frozen over might be a more accurate way to describe it.