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Pension blunder sees thousands of workers given wrong forecast

Tax raid on YOUR pensions: Shock as savers overcharged 26million in THREE months WORKERS cashing in their hard-earned pension pots early are being overtaxed to the tune of millions of pounds, it.

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Public sector pensions blunder: Q&A Tens of thousands of retired soldiers, teachers, NHS staff and civil servants employees will see their pensions cut from April following the revelation that.

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State pensions blunder sees 360,000 workers told they’ll get paid wrong amount. People are being encouraged to go online and get a state pension forecast to find out how much we will receive and when

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What to do if your state pension forecast is wrong. If you think your online state pension forecast may be incorrect, the best thing to do is request a written statement in the post for an accurate estimate. Sir Steve Webb told us: ‘The public expect information sent to them by the government to be accurate.

41 shares State pension data blunder means 360,000 may have WRONG forecasts It’s not rock ‘n’ roll, but you should engage with your pension pot, says LEE BOYCE – otherwise, you could face a far.

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Trust-based pensions – A board of trustees manage investments on your behalf. The trust fund is kept at an arms length principle, separate from the company. What’s more, it allows benefits to be given to your partner or other dependant members. Group personal pensions – This type of pension is with a third-party insurance provider. The snag is.

Pension errors scandal: Hundreds more pensioners hit by Aviva blunders RAC workers have become the latest savers to become embroiled in the pension errors scandal

Similar letters are also expected to be sent to thousands of retired private sector workers as their workplace retirement funds uncover errors dating back four decades.. the wrong amount of.

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