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Two propositions aim to ease affordable housing problem and are worth supporting

Proposition 1. Bakersfield Californian – Yes "Proposition 1 authorizes $4 billion in general obligation bonds to provide much-needed funding to build housing for veterans and to help the state alleviate its affordable housing crisis." Link. Proposition 2. los angeles Times – Yes

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The Fresno Bee recommends voters vote yes on California ballot Propositions 1 and 2, which would add more development and help the state’s affordable housing crisis, especially for veterans, if.

at making housing more affordable to these families don’t consider the real world functioning of housing markets and wind up making the problem worse. "Affordable housing" is now in the lexicon of seemingly every state, city, and housing advocacy group. The issue has gained political momentum in state and local government debates.

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Voters this August have the opportunity to take a major step forward in addressing Seattle’s growing housing affordability crisis by supporting Proposition 1, the Seattle Housing Levy. The $290 million proposal renews and expands the current housing levy, which expires at the end of the year, building on 35 years of successful public.

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Affordable Housing methodology; and Surveyed how other local governments throughout the nation are addressing their affordable housing problems. In October 2005, the Lee County Board of Commissioners and the Board’s Affordable Housing Advisory Committee held workshops to review and discuss

PROPOSITION 1. Affordable Housing And Home-Purchase Assistance For Veterans If passed, Proposition 1 would authorize the sale of $4 billion in bonds to finance existing housing programs, as well as infrastructure work and grants to match a local housing trust fund dollar-to-dollar.

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YIMBYs have assembled a statewide organization favoring more development, including affordable housing. Proposition 13, which has hobbled spending on infrastructure and schools ever since. Still,

Housing Problems of Very Low-Income Renter Households. Researchers apply the concepts of affordability, availability, and adequacy when comparing the number of extremely low-income renters with the number of units available to them. Using these three measurements, researchers found that 12 percent of affordable and available units for extremely low-income renters had severe deficiencies.

2-4 Unit Properties Could Ease Affordable Housing Problem May 25 2016, 8:39AM The Urban Institute says one solution to the nation’s high rental costs is an old one, but financing may be making it.