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UK fintech darling Monzo will try its luck in the US

Ultimately it’s us, its customers." Monzo, which made about 45 million ( million) last year, has a cost basis of about $4 per customer, Blomfield says. But if Monzo’s millennial-friendly tech gives it a leg up on traditional banks in the US, it faces daunting competition from the US’s own crop of digital.

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The US push marks the first international foray for Monzo, which is known for its coral pink debit cards and has more than 2m users in the UK. The expansion comes as Europe’s fintechs are stepping up their efforts to break into overseas markets, including Revolut’s announcement on Thursday that it.

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Duncan Keene, UK managing director of UX analytics platform ContentSquare, shares his insights on what Monzo’s doing right and how to stay ahead of the pack. The meteoric rise in online banking, spearheaded in the UK by challenger-bank Monzo, is news to no one in the banking sector, but it’s.

Fast-growing British digital bank Monzo is launching in the United States. In the United States, it will face competition from incumbent banks and their. laws, compared to the UK's fintech-friendly regulatory environment,” said. 'You prepare for war': how one U.S. firm tried escaping Trump's China tariffs.

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Oliver Staley / QuartzUK fintech darling Monzo will try its luck in the US – The digital bank has big ambitions, and plenty of competition. Since its launch in 2015, Monzo has quickly grown to become one of the most popular online banks in the UK, boasting more than 2 million users.